Turner’s Glass Art Unlimited

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you price your stained glass panels?
I use a formula based on how many pieces of glass per square foot.  For example, if the finished design has an average of 10 pieces of glass per square foot, I then consider it a ‘Simple‘ design.  Therefore the cost is $85.00 per square foot.


 Do you install the completed panels?
I do not install but I do furnish references of installers to clients.  Most of the time if distance allows, I am usually there during the installation.


 What is your return policy?
When the client receives their completed work and if they are not completely satisfied, they are under no obligation to take it.  100% customer satisfaction is our goal.  The client will receive a full refund.


 Do you ship?
Yes we do ship if requested.  Glass is fragile but we do box and pack the panels to assure non-breakage of panels.


 Do you deliver?
Normally the completed panels are picked up by our clients.  If the panel is rather large and best delivered, we do deliver if requested.


How often do you offer classes?
I do not have certain dates when I offer classes.  I fit the classes in when table surfaces are available for students.  I do encourage each person that is interested to contact us to be added to a list that I make my calls from when classes are forming.