copper foil service

Whether an unique heirloom piece for display, or tasteful remodeling additions such as windows, doors, transoms, sidelights, cabinet doors, etc., for your home, office, or church, we are here to help.  By gathering information from you for the design, to the actual finished product, we listen and produce.  Whether it be etching, copper foil, lead came, glass carving, or painting, we do it all according to your stipulations.  Our goal is to make your glass art experience an unlimited one in design, quality, and pride!

copper foil

Copper Foil is best suited for multi-pieced work that requires intricate detailing. A copper foil/tape is applied and burnished along the edges of each individual piece of glass. Each piece is then placed together like a jigsaw puzzle. After joining the pieces, the glass pieces are soldered together along the copper coated tape forming a glass panel. Finishing patinas, if selected, are then applied.