etching & glass carving service

Whether an unique heirloom piece for display, or tasteful remodeling additions such as windows, doors, transoms, sidelights, cabinet doors, etc., for your home, office, or church, we are here to help.  By gathering information from you for the design, to the actual finished product, we listen and produce.  Whether it be etching, copper foil, lead came, glass carving, or painting, we do it all according to your stipulations.  Our goal is to make your glass art experience an unlimited one in design, quality, and pride!

etching & glass carving

Turner works with an array of glass mediums such as mirrors, glass goblets, plates, etc., when creating etched glass art. Etching can be accomplished by the use of chemicals and/or pressure blasting. Glass carving is accomplished by the use of a blasting cabinet, blasting tools and supplies. Beautiful pieces can be accomplished by combining both methods. Etched glass and glass carving designs can be custom designed or from design books.