glass fusing service

Glass fusing is the process of joining together smaller and sometimes crushed glass pieces (frit) by placing it on a piece of glass and then firing at high temperatures in a kiln. This technique gives the designer the opportunity to create very intricate results that would have been very hard or impossible to do using traditional glass techniques. I call this technique, “painting with glass”. View our Glass Fusing Gallery for examples of our painting with glass using the various glass fusing techniques.


These panels were created by crushing pieces of glass into smaller pieces (frit) and placing it deliberately on a single piece of glass. The commissioned work was to create a scene from a photograph. To give the panels a detailed look that I would not have been able to acquire using manufactured glass only, I used this method to hopefully capture the scenes.

Done well, fusing can add a new dimension to glass work. It provides the ability to create texture and shading, and add color in selected areas which would have been very difficult to produce using strictly glass sheets or the traditional glass painting method only.


An example of a panel being created using the “painting with glass” technique.  Notice the placement of the frit before the pieces have been kiln fired.  These pieces will be tacked fused instead of a full fuse so that the frit will retain some of its original individual shapes.

A full fuse would have melted the frit into the piece of glass therefor making all the glass become as one layer.  All is dependent on the effect the artist is looking for.