the Process

Turner’s Glass Art Unlimited

the process

The procedure below thus far has been sufficient for every stained glass project that I have created.


1. First Meeting  – I meet with the customer either where the project will be displayed or in my studio.  From our consultation, I make notes of the desired style and size, where the piece will be displayed, what sources of light will be available, etc..  During this conversation, the customer can look through our library of design books.  This can be a valuable activity because it can give me an idea of their preferences and taste.  The customer may select certain areas of a design to be implemented into the design or may select a complete design from one of these books.  After listening to the customer’s vision, I can also draw a complete custom design using two methods: freehand and Glass Eye 2000, which is a computer-aided design (CAD) software program.


2. Second Meeting  – Once the design has been approved, the selection of glass is next in the process. (NOTE: If the design has been created using software, actual glass colors from a large library of vendor glass samples are implemented into the design.)  We have several glass sample boxes as well as a variety of glass catalogs.  The customer also has the option of making a selection from our large inventory of in-stock glass.  After choice of glass has been finalized and documented, a 50% down-payment is collected.


3. Third Meeting  – The finished project is presented for customer approval according to the previously agreed-upon and documented specifications.  If the customer is satisfied with the piece, the remainder of the fee is collected and the glass work is transferred to its new owner.  If the customer is not completely satisfied with the workmanship, a full refund is given.  Our goal is always complete customer satisfaction.


Pricing Method

1.  2 to 12 pieces of glass per square foot is considered a Simple design.

2.  13 to 23 pieces of glass per square foot is considered a Moderate design.

3.  24 to 44 pieces of glass per square foot is considered a Detail design.

4.  45 to 59 pieces of glass per square foot is considered an Intense design.

5.  60 or more pieces of glass per square foot is considered an Ultimate design.